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Lactation Support

Private, individualized prenatal and postpartum lactation support from a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC).

Prenatal support focuses on what to expect during the first hours and days of your newborn's life and how to get the best start to your breast/chest feeding relationship.

Postpartum support is tailored to meet your needs, and generally focuses on latching and positioning, how to tell baby is getting enough, interpreting baby behavior, feeding logs and tools, navigating challenges, and more. 

Postpartum Support

The first weeks after baby arrives are filled with wonder and excitement. This is a period of continuous learning and transition for the whole family. As your postpartum doula I will help you navigate the nuances of this sensitive, special time. Postpartum services may include emotional and educational support and encouragement for all family members; nurturing mom as she recovers from birth; resources and referrals; care for baby to allow parents time to shower, nap, or special time with older child(ren); diapering (cloth and disposable); babywearing basics and general baby care; breast/chest feeding support; meal shopping/preparation; and light house cleaning and organization.

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