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Felicia Curtis
Growing Seeds, Inc.

Felicia Curtis

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Full Spectrum Birth Justice Doula, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Love and light... I Am Your Doula...Felicia. 


I am here to let you know you are AMAZING!  You are a miracle embarking on a miracle.  Your birthing experience is as UNIQUE as you are and I am here to assist you with having the birthing experience you desire!  I will be there offering emotional, physical, informational, spiritual and mental support during all four trimesters for you and your family.   With a warm heart ❤️ and open hands 👐🏽     


I have an extensive background in working with children 0-5 years of age and families. After over 30 years of working with children and families in several roles such as being a preschool teacher, a nanny, a juvenile correctional staff and a social worker at Child Welfare Services I decided to move into my true passion and that is working with birthing persons and infants. After all, I started at the age of 15.5 working with infants in a home daycare center setting. 

I believe when you need to find your grounding place go back to what you love! 


In an effort to decrease the mortality rates in the BIPOC communities births,  I stand up for equity, social and reproductive justice!

It is my goal to see you have the birthing experience you desire! Please visit my website to learn more about me and the six pillars of my services!

Kate Hall

PCD(DONA), Personal Chef

Being a postpartum doula is spiritual work for me and I come to it with a sense of reverence and awe. My intention is to hold space for families and to create an environment of care, support, and nurturing as they discover their own unique wisdom as parents. 


Everything I’ve done over the last thirty years has helped align me with this work. Giving birth

to my two sons connected me to my own strength and wisdom and gave me a deep sense of purpose and joy. When my boys were little, my best friend asked if I would support her during the birth of her second son. Having the opportunity to share her birth journey opened my eyes to the work of a birth doula.

When my boys were older, I followed my passion for food and attended culinary school at the Institute of Technology in Roseville where I obtained my certification as a chef. One of my biggest pleasures is caring for people by creating delicious, nourishing food for them. After graduating from culinary school in 2009, I taught a variety of cooking classes and worked as a personal chef work. I also returned to school to attended women’s studies and anthropology classes at Sierra College. The education I received while at Sierra College informs much of my work as a doula. 

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Kate Hall
Kate Hall

I started my postpartum doula training in September of 2019 and subsequently received certification from DONA International as a Postpartum Doula. Since then, I have been working as a postpartum doula and personal chef in Placer and Sacramento Counties.  Visit my website to read my complete bio and learn more about the services I offer. I look forward to meeting you!


Maryssa Hernandez
Maryssa Hernandez

Maryssa Hernandez

LEC, Certified Full-Spectrum Doula through DTI (pending)

I am incredibly passionate about providing individualized support to all families. I believe that every person deserves care that is congruent with their values, lifestyle, and environment. I trust that you already know what's best for you and your family. This is why my biggest goal is to empower folks to advocate for themselves and make their own informed decisions. I can provide the evidence-based resources and tools to make navigating all of this a little easier on you. 

I have always loved supporting families and little ones. I began my professional career as an Educator. I spent most of my time working in ESL classrooms, after-school enrichment programs, and family homes providing nanny support.


I decided to leave the classroom in hopes of providing support during earlier stages of families' parenting experiences. I became a Lactation Education Counselor and soon after began working for a company providing virtual support to working families along all stages of their parenting journeys. Entering this world sparked a light in me as I began witnessing the tough realities and disparities happening within the birth world. I felt strongly about making the full leap into prenatal, birth, and postpartum support so I completed my Full-Spectrum Doula training through Doula Trainings International.


When I’m not working with families, you can find me walking on a nature trail, getting crafty (I love making mixed media collages), playing Animal Crossing on my Switch, rock climbing, or exploring local bookshops and cafes.

Emily McQuerry

CD(DONA) (pending)

My goal as a doula is to be a guide and support to to families during pregnancy and brith. I want to help empower the mothers and birthing people I serve to make decisions and achieve the kind of birth their heart desires. My hope is that those that I serve are left feeling transformed and empowered by their birth stories. I believe birth can be a space of safety and trust, where the person giving birth and the baby inside are the priority. Creating the kind of birth space that allows this to happen takes intentionality. As a doula, I love getting to be a part of that journey with the mothers and families I serve. I love getting to help people love birth.


Since I was young, my heart has fascinated with birth. When I was 15 years old I had the honor of attending my first live birth. That experience changed my life forever. My love and passion for the labor and birth experience was cemented in that moment. There is nothing quite like watching a human baby entering the world, it makes me cry almost every time! 

In 2021 that passion lead me to officially begin my education to becoming a certified birth doula. I completed my first DONA certified Doula training course and birth education workshop through Sierra Childbirth Institute. I am currently enrolled in So Zen Birth’s mentorship program, and I am so inspired by my fellow doulas and birth enthusiasts I have met through that community.


Recent Program Participants


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Hannah-Rose Kent
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