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Meet the expanded So Zen Family 

Check out these lovely birth professionals currently enrolled in our mentorship program!

Janice is a birth and postpartum doula, a pediatric sleep consultant, a mother of 5 amazing boys and a natural born caregiver.


For years, Janice navigated the corporate world, climbing the corporate ladder and achieving professional milestones, however, she always felt something was missing and that she had a greater calling in life. During Janice’s years as a manager at a women’s health and prenatal clinic, along with her journey through motherhood, Janice realized her passion and calling was to support and empower birthing parents during one of the most transformative moments of their lives - childbirth and early parenthood.


Janice believes that every family deserves the highest level of care and support during this life-changing transition. Her approach is rooted in empathy, evidence-based practices and a commitment to fostering an environment where parents can make informed choices, feel heard, and experience the magic of childbirth and parenthood with confidence. Janice approaches her work with a commitment to individualized care. She takes the time to understand the unique needs and preferences of each family she serves, crafting tailored solutions that fit seamlessly into their lives.


When she’s not shuffling all the kids around between school and activities, Janice enjoys crafting, gardening, reading, and baking.

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Hello friends! My name is Ravynn, I am a birth nerd and nature enthusiast. When I’m not nose deep in birth books, I’m outside enjoying nature through hikes and cold dips. I believe that when we learn to respect and trust the process of childbirth, we can in turn trust and respect the natural processes of our Earth. My journey as a doula is rooted in a belief in the natural intuition and innate wisdom that women possess when it comes to the miraculous process of childbirth. I firmly stand by the idea that every woman has an extraordinary ability to bring new life into this world, and it's my mission to help you recognize and embrace that power. My practice is all about providing guidance, support, and unwavering encouragement so that you can embark on this beautiful journey with confidence and serenity, knowing that you are fully equipped to welcome your baby into the world. I look forward to meeting and connecting with you and your growing family, and would be honored to walk beside you on this journey.

Ravynn Noble 
Doula of the Foothills

Hello family! My name is Koko Duncan and I'm a passionate birth worker. When I'm not doing birth work, Im a stay at home mom to 3 beautiful children and a Fiance to my soulmate. Henley 6, Georgia 2.5 and my youngest Julian II 1.5. I was blessed to have each child in 3 different settings. Hospital for my first, birth center for my second and home birth for my last. I believe having these types of birth gives me the opportunity to relate to alot of moms who choose either direction and truly understand each experience and support them in the best way possible. With each birth of mine, because they were all so different, I became more and more engulfed in the world of birth and everything that comes with it. unfortunately I had a negative birth experience with my first and second child. The care that I had gotten was one of the main reasons I made it a mission of mine to learn everything and have as much evidence based information I can get. It is my calling, my passion and goal to make sure mothers and their partners are as informed as possible and prepared to embark on this incredibly sacred journey. I intend to do my best to make sure they are getting the care and support they deserve, to be their advocate and ensure their voice is heard and decisions respected. There is nothing more I would like out of this career than to do everything I can to help mothers achieve their dream births and discover their true innate power. It is truly an honor to be picked by families and be apart of the journey. I am forever grateful to do this work.

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Maryssa Hernandez
Maryssa Hernandez

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Kim Stalians
Your Doting Doula

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Hannah-Rose Kent
Into This World Birth


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