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My name’s Marisa Arora (she/her/hers)

I’m a mama of two, wife, and student midwife. I am passionate about all things birth and babies and provide my clients with unconditional positive regard and evidence-based information. 


Growing up, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. In 2013 I completed a Nursing Assistant program at the College of Medical Arts and began my prerequisites when I realized that local nursing programs did not align with who I am. 


My connection to midwifery began in 2017 when I birthed my first child and strengthened in 2022 when I birthed my second. Pregnancy was my introduction to understanding how vital support and resources are to preparing the birthing person.


Since my birth experiences, I have completed a labor and postpartum doula program at Sierra Childbirth and began my midwifery journey at National Midwifery Institute. I will also be completing my Midwife’s Assistant program in January 2023.

My goal is to inform you about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, empower you in your choice for birth, and support you in your birthing and parenting journey.

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My name is Amber (she/her) and I am a wife, mom of two and Full Spectrum Doula (which includes birth, postpartum, reproductive health & loss support). I am extremely passionate about providing the emotional & physical support that you deserve, tailored to your needs during your journey. Everyone is different and every person's experience during pregnancy, birth & postpartum is different.


I feel very strongly about the right to bodily autonomy, the right to education, and the right to be heard. I am an advocate for all pregnant & birthing persons and it is my role to provide evidence-based and unbiased information so that they can make the most informed decisions for themselves and their growing family. My ultimate goal is that my families feel seen & heard, to hold space for them, and to have the birth & postpartum experience they desire (as much as possible). No one should feel alone and afraid of navigating life as a new parent.


I also fully support and care for individuals during times of loss or uncertainty. I am here no matter what the reproductive journey looks like. Your mental health matters, your needs matter, YOU matter. If you are interested in hearing more about my services, please reach out directly. I would be thrilled to be considered as your doula and a part of your team.


Past Program Participants

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Kristine Denise
Meliora Birth Services


Lauren Henderson
Lauren Your Doula

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Kate Hall
Kate Hall

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Hannah-Rose Kent
Into This World Birth

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Kim Stalians
Your Doting Doula

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Alicia Stoddard
Birth Spectrum


Cat Gomez
Doula Cathy TLC


Maryssa Hernandez
Maryssa Hernandez