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Hello and welcome!

The way we bring our babies into the world matters. 

Our birth stories become a part of us and will be carried within us and passed down to future generations.

It is time that we reclaim our power and autonomy in birth.

Let me be your ally as you write what might be the most important story of your life. I will help you navigate the unknowns of pregnancy and birth, and guide you in harnessing your innate wisdom and potential to achieve a healthy birth that leaves you feeling confident and completely satisfied. 


As your birth guide, I provide unconditional physical and emotional support for you and your birth team through pregnancy, labor and birth, and early postpartum. I share reliable, evidence based resources to help you explore options and make informed choices. During your birth I remain present and steadfast, reinforcing trust in the process which allows you to peacefully and thoughtfully welcome your new baby.


I typically serve only one family per month. Offering a limited schedule means my time and energy is reserved just for you! It also means my schedule fills quickly, so it is best to get started with services as early as possible. Click the button below to contact me and schedule a complimentary consultation!

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Check out this video made by Brooklynn & Hoang- one of my past doula families!

CLICK HERE to hear them share their birth story on the Evidence Based Birth® Podcast.

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Snippets from Client Reviews

Over 70 5-star reviews on Yelp!

On the actual day of delivery, though, Shalin was NEXT LEVEL!! She provided guidance and suggestions remotely while we were in early labor to help us prepare and get the baby in position. Once active labor kicked in, she came over ASAP and immediately guided my wife through techniques to ease into contractions as they intensified. It felt like she had a million hands: somehow she simultaneously prepped the room for the home birth while helping us through pain relief with the shower and other positions, all while providing a never ending supply of cool towels, electrolytes, and gentle massages. We got to tag team on hip squeezes throughout rough parts of labor. She advocated not just for my wife, but constantly checked in on my needs the whole day as well. On top of that, she did an awesome job capturing key beautiful moments as photos and videos!
- Trish, April 2021

What an incredible experience we have had with Shalin. She was our doula for the births of both our first and second child. Having her in our corner felt so empowering. With our first child we took her Evidence Based Birthing class as well and it was very much needed. The tools she provided in that class were very applicable to the decisions you are faced with during your birth experience in a hospital. We decided for both births that we wanted to go unmedicated/low intervention with the exceptions of a few medical decisions we thought made sense to us. We were able to achieve that. 
I felt that my husband was given such an important role in each birth that we wouldn't have known about if we didn't have Shalin with us guiding this experience. She empowered us both in such unique ways. My two births were very different and in different hospitals (one of which was known for higher intervention) and the care she provided was specific to each setting to ensure the peaceful atmosphere that I wanted and felt that I needed. She is simply incredible.
- KatieJune 2023

Shalin is one of the most special humans you will ever meet, and such a phenomenal doula. She is caring and knowledgeable. She is not afraid to speak up, but always does so in a courteous way. 

In the age of COVID-19, most hospitals are only allowing one support person to accommodate the birthing person, which unfortunately means doulas are not allowed in the hospital. Despite not being able to have Shalin with us in the hospital, it was so incredibly valuable to have her support and guidance. I think in some ways, having her support was even more valuable during this weird and unprecedented time. In the months leading up to the birth, she taught us many great techniques that helped us feel empowered and confident when we were in the hospital during labor and birth. 
- Corey, May 2020

We were a high risk pregnancy with twins and after many interviews with different doulas I was recommended to Shalin at So Zen Birth. After the first interview I immediately knew in it my heart that she was going to forever change my family's life. We hired shalin immediately and started the process of a natural pregnancy in the hopes that I'd be able to deliver the twins unmedicated vaginally in a hospital. We had Shalin over for our in home sessions  it felt like having having a great friend over. 
We had a crazy birth with one baby born still in the sac and the other came out breach feet first in the operating room! Yes unmedicated. I truly believe Shalin made all of this possible. I had the strength but did not know it without her. She pulled it out of me with some super power. Shalin will forever be apart of our family. We love her so dearly and if we ever get pregnant again she will standing right beside us for another birth.
- Kia, July 2023

Share So Zen doula services with a family in need

We all know how valuable doula support is. Unfortunately not every birthing family can afford to hire a private doula to support their journey. While I volunteer with local non-profits and offer discounted services when I am able to, I also work to put food on the table for my own family.

I have set up a doula fund for those who would like to help another family gain valuable doula support. Your contribution will be used to help offer discounted services to families who may not otherwise be able to utilize my support. 

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