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Birth Prepared

In person classes created just for YOU!

I offer a variety of in person and virtual childbirth education, lactation, and postpartum classes to help you welcome your little one with confidence. 


Comprehensive Childbirth Education

This 4-class series is held in collaboration with The Nest Family resources and will prepare all expecting families with the tools and knowledge they need to birth their babies with power and autonomy in any setting. Topics include stages and phases of normal labor and birth, natural comfort techniques, navigating changes to our plan (inductions, interventions, and medical pain management), and the immediate postpartum, newborn care, and breastfeeding.


Classes held in 2.5 hour sessions, 1 evening per week for 4 weeks. Includes a digital or printed workbook. Click the button to learn more and see upcoming class dates.

Accelerated Childbirth Education

This series focuses on the need-to-know information on normal, physiologic labor and birth and how to support every stage and phase with practical, hands-on and emotional tools and techniques. It is a hybrid series which includes segments from our comprehensive childbirth class as well as one of my most popular classes, Comfort Skills for an Easier Labor. As a bonus, attendees will receive exclusive access to a pre-recorded video that covers medical management of labor including interventions, pain management options, and induction techniques that they can watch anytime.  

Classes held as 2- 3 hour sessions over weekends or consecutive weekday evenings. Please read the description of the class for specifics. This series is best for families planning to birth at home or at a birth center and serves as a great refresher for families who have had babies before. Includes a digital or class workbook.  


Click the button to learn more and see upcoming class dates.


Comfort Skills for an Easier Labor

Our in person Comfort Skills for an Easier Labor class is a designed to provide all expecting families with the tools and confidence to support the birthing person’s physical and emotional well-being during labor and birth. Whether you are planning a medicated or unmedicated birth, this class that will help you bring more ease and comfort to your labor and birth. Together, we will explore practical, natural pain relief techniques to facilitate a calm, comfortable environment that supports normal, physiologic labor and birth. The last part of class is a comfort measures rehearsal where you and your partner will get to put what you've learned to practice while you working through "contractions" as a team! This is one of my most popular classes.


Class is 3 hours long and offered on weekends and weekday evenings. Includes  a resource booklet as well as exclusive access to private recordings. Click the button to learn more and see upcoming class dates.

Lactation 101

good things coming soon!

Smiling Baby

Body Ready Method

Gain insight into your own alignment and movement habits and learn practical tools that can be immediately applied to help you have a more comfortable pregnancy, easier, more efficient, birth, and a smoother postpartum recovery.

Coming Spring 2024!

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